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Mindfulness is Key to Winning the Battle Against Eating Disorders

26th October 2018

Mindfulness has been found to have a significant effect on how a person views their own body. While those with eating disorders commonly dislike the way they look, mindfulness allows a deeper mind and body connection. This in turn leads to a move towards...
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Lucy Windham

Tears Are the Rivers That Takes You Somewhere

15th October 2018

One of the reasons I know I am likely to never return to my ED of many years ago, is because I have changed aspects of my 'world view'. I know a couple of people have said to me an ED never goes away and you are entitled to your opinion - and I am entitle...
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Leighah Beadle-Darcy

Love the skin you are in by Sam Rosehill

12th October 2018

Today I taught my Year 5s about body image and the media. I showed them a natural photo of me, as shown in this post, where I am wearing no makeup; there is no filter and no editing of any form. 18 months ago I actually stopped wearing heavy eye makeup on...
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A Filtered World By Samantha Crilly

11th September 2018

It’s hard to tell these days what is really real
Whether a smile in photo is how one really feels
A laugh captured in a slight second
Whether it was a human reaction or just beckoned...
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