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By Tuesday 14th November 2017, we will be fully relocated to our new premises. Find out our new address on our contact page.

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Latest Blog Posts

Body Shaming by Emmie

19th March 2018

Have you ever been judged on your appearance? I know I have. It is shocking to me that over 90% of people in the world have experience something offensive about their body either online or in person. To me this is vile to hear, no one should feel ashamed...
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Amy's Blog

28th November 2017

My name is Amy, I'm 22, and I’ve been living with an eating disorder for 9 years. A few months ago I was finally honest about it with my loved ones. I am now on my challenging journey through recovery and have started an online blog to help aid me along t...
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Katy’s recovery blog October 2017

25th October 2017

My recovery has been really tough these past few weeks, but I’m really determined to fully recover, and I’m not going to give up on recovery. I’m also starting to open up to people that I can trust, and know that they won’t judge me...
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This Is My Life Battling Anorexia

23rd October 2017

This is a hard story to tell people but I am going to try my hardest to keep it together. It all started half way through my first year at high school. That’s when all the unwelcoming thoughts and feelings towards my body and myself came rushing in. I wou...
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