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Basic Nutrition

20th July 2018

As the heat wave continues in the UK, and people may be heading for their holidays and perhaps worrying about their body being exposed (though I promise you people are not likely to be judging you and some are likely to be focusing on worrying about their...
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Seed xx

Blog July 2018

18th July 2018

It’s Okay not to Okay and ask for help.

I’ve suffered, I’ve been too scared, I suppressed my emotions too long to block everything out. But I couldn’t hide from that very thing that has taken control of my life....
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Thanks to my body

1st May 2018

Dear body,

I know we've been at war for years now and I've abused you to the point that you've given up a fair few times. But I wanted to try and say how much I am starting to realise what a beautiful thing I have in you...
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April 2018 Recovery Blog

24th April 2018

Over the last couple of months have been difficult, but I’m slowly getting there. Recovery or recovering is the one of the hardest things I have ever done and I’m really determined to get better and stay on the road to recovery...
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