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By Tuesday 14th November 2017, we will be fully relocated to our new premises. Find out our new address on our contact page.

Seed | Eating Disorder Support Service

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Leighah Beadle-Darcy/Physis Arts and Therapies Facebook Group

Seed's resident Psychotherapist, Leighah, is the manager of a Facebook group with the aim of supporting people with eating disorders and negative body image.

Here you can find services that Leighah personally offers though email, Skype or in person. These services range from nutrition advice; to body image coaching; to counselling.

To find out more about these services, you can find them on her Facebook page: Leighah Beadle-Darcy/Physis Arts and Therapies Services.

You can also watch Leighah's video about Body Image on her secondary Facebook group, Authentic Body, Beautifully You - ABBY.