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By Tuesday 14th November 2017, we will be fully relocated to our new premises. Find out our new address on our contact page.

Seed | Eating Disorder Support Service

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helping people not the eating disorder

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Young People

An Eating Disorder doesn't care if you are young or old, male or female or about your race!

Young people between the ages of 8 and 17 are amongst the most vulnerable when it comes to risk of developing an eating disorder. More staggering is that it has the highest mortality rate of any other mental health illness.

Don't suffer in isolation. Don't think you are not worthy of treatment.

Don't judge yourself thinking you are a bad person.

Rejoice in individuality, confidence and being your own person.

Do your best by yourself and by others and no one can ask anymore of you!

    "From a seed a flower blooms as do people who blossom in life."