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helping people not the eating disorder

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That's what I love about SEED as well, the complete acceptance of everyone & knowing that people are welcome just as they are, irrespective of colour, religion, size, sexuality or anything else. Makes it such a safe place to be! —C


SEED has 25 volunteers; everyone valued and bringing something different to the table. SEED is always pleased to hear from people wanting to join us, and we recruit Sept/October annually.

Initially new recruits are known as ‘Supporters’ of SEED, after the recruitment process is complete and they have passed the required level of training they then become ‘Active’ Volunteers engaging in services.

If you would like to know more about volunteering with SEED please download, complete and return the form to

Download our volunteering form (68kb)


A Trustee is a person who is responsible for the running of the Charity and is there to make major decisions in the best interest of the Charity and their members. Decisions are made jointly via the Trustees. Trustees are nominated and voted onto the Board at the Annual General Meeting.

Anyone who wishes to be involved in this way should send an expression of interest, which will be given careful consideration by the Trustees. Trustees could either have some background knowledge of an eating disorder, or be someone with other relevant experience, i.e. management or NHS.

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