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10 ways to love yourself

27th August 2014

10 ways to love yourself
1. Breathe deeply and tell yourself if you are alive for a purpose, as long as you are breathing you are meant to be in this life, physis is in you

2. Take a walk in nature and experience what it is to be part of and connect to the Universe, to the earth

3. Eat a balanced diet, sleep well, rest when necessary and play without inhibition

4. In as much as possible, find work…. (paid, employed, voluntary, creative) that you enjoy and which nourishes you

5. Take time to read works from authentic people on Love, Creativity and Self Development

6. Learn to nurture both the child and the adult within you, seek assistance on this if necessary

7. Express yourself creatively (whatever that means for you) you have a right to be heard

8. Learn to say ‘No’ when you need to

9. Learn to recognise (and silence) your inner critic

10. Take a risk (within wisdom) to receive LOVE

August 2014
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