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Thanks to my body

1st May 2018

Dear body,

I know we've been at war for years now and I've abused you to the point that you've given up a fair few times. But I wanted to try and say how much I am starting to realise what a beautiful thing I have in you!

It started this weekend when I went swimming, I had had thoughts last week of how much me been a figure skater had adapted my body to been able to push and push and endure all sorts. It got me thinking, and I realise I've never shown much appreciation for you at all. Just hate.

Let's start with thanks for my bambinos, again I always hated you for the several miscarriages we had had. Where in fact I have always said we had fought for our children and we were lucky to get our 3. You endured so much with the whole 10 pregnancies, the losses, the labours and recovering.....and all I did was continued to push you away. You housed my beauties for 9 months (give or take) and I want to say thanks for that. I remember looking in the mirror in hospital after having Hugo (C-Section) and thinking for a 29 year old with 3 children It wasn't a bad home but then that thought went and the pain continued.

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