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A Filtered World By Samantha Crilly

11th September 2018

It’s hard to tell these days what is really real
Whether a smile in photo is how one really feels
A laugh captured in a slight second
Whether it was a human reaction or just beckoned
The colours of the world once looked so true
Yet all the filters now wash away the world I once knew
It’s been taken to somewhere unreachable, out of our grasp
Even the ones living it can’t make it last
I still can’t remember the point, when a photo for myself
Then become one for everyone else
When I first thought this world doesn’t look bright enough
I’ll edit it here and there, how much can I bluff
When I first thought I need to filter my face
Trying to hide my flaws which I used to embrace
Well everyone else’s looked so much better than mine
I had to keep up with society, you know, keep in line
But you soon realise when you get in the queue,
There was always, always someone in front of you
Always looking like they have a better life
But often their back would be stabbed with a knife
Trying to carve the perfect life for everyone to admire
How many ‘likes’ can they hire
But ‘likes’ will one day expire
Our lives spent worrying about how many likes everyone else is giving us
We would have lost our time with everyone really living our lives with us
A photo used to be a pure memory taken for ones joy,
But now its becomes everyone’s guilty toy,
I once asked my grandma what she thought of this world
She said, it has lost all the purity it had once held
A true picture is a memory in the heart
It was pure, just for you, now that was art

Seed xx