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Believe - Poem

2nd September 2014

Sometimes you can't look forward, your head is in the sand

You simply cannot cope with all that life demands

Each day the road is longer and you keep stepping back

You've lost all faith in truly getting back on track

They urge you to be brave, to go and ask for help

You chance it, never knowing the cards you may be dealt

We share our deep emotions, lay bare to them our soul

In the hope that we may once again feel whole

Sadly all too often disappointment lies ahead

Confidences betrayed mess further with your head

They may try to break your spirit reduce you down to tears

Manipulative approaches confirming your worst fears

Abandonment then solitude can send you right back to square one

But you must not let that happen because then they will have won

Somewhere in the night sky is your shining star

Even if you doubt this or the sky just seems too far

There is a special someone who will listen, show they care

A person who is there for you, always always there

And slowly through their kindness you will see the light

That there just could be a future for you out there shining bright

They will soothe and comfort you, offer you relief

Give you the strength and courage to find your inner self belief

Never give up fighting for that which you deserve

To feel happy in your own skin and to let your voice be heard

September 2014

Alice Parks