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Dancing with the Devil

17th March 2021

I’ve danced with the devil for far too long.
I was confused, abused, ashamed then you came along.
You took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
You gave me comfort, self harm and so much more.
As I danced with the devil I didn’t know your name.
And as I danced with the devil I thought I was to blame.
As we danced along you held me so tight.
You where controlling, overpowering I knew it wasn’t right.
But you were here so I danced to your tune.
Even though I really had wanted to leave the room.
No emotion you showed as you danced with my mind.
I knew you were the devil and not very kind.
I carried on dancing with the devil inside.
You sought me out so I had nowhere to hide.
Your grip getting tighter, I had wanted to escape.
I had to stop dancing with the devil before it’s too late.
I let go of your grip and headed to the door.
I asked you a question as I left the dance floor.
What is your name, what has been in control of me.
I’m EATING DISORDER, the devil in your mind, didn’t you see?
As I left the room the music came to an end.
I’d danced with the devil, and you had never been my friend.

Christine xx