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Depression and Dental Health: Exploring the Connection, and How to Get Back on a Healthy Track

2nd April 2019

The body works in mysterious ways. For most of us, it’s truly impossible to imagine all of the complex ways our individual body parts and systems work together in the bigger picture of our overall health and well-being. That includes our state of mind.

It is a well-known fact among physicians and medical experts that various aspects of our physical health play dramatic roles in our mental well-being. From the microbiome in our guts to — you guessed it — the state of our teeth and gums, how well our bodies function has a direct effect on how well our brains work. Not surprisingly, the same is also true in reverse.

Depression and dental health are profoundly connected in that way. Keeping your mouth healthy is a vital part of self-care that, when neglected, can be a contributing factor for depression. On the other hand, poor dental health is also a common, negative consequence of the mental illness. Luckily, a focus on caring for your physical and emotional self can improve both your dental and mental health.

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