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Diamond and Crystal

5th January 2015

'Diamond and Crystal' speaks of the perception I held of myself of knowing I had some beauty and talent, but felt a 'deficiency' in comparison to selected others. I decided to 'polish' my talents, my physique, my looks further to reach a 'higher standard'. Of course, I was giving in to my perfectionism in an unhealthy way.

Diamond and Crystal

Am I less worthy than everyone else?
Crystal instead of diamond?
Shiny and pretty;
sufficient for some things;
but next to diamond,
less brilliant.
Or forgotten.
Even if I set myself in gold,
it is obvious I am still crystal.
Crystal cannot turn to diamond.
So why hope?

I wish there were someone
who preferred Chrystal to diamond.
Chrystal can be beautiful;
Chrystal clear.
Diamond is checked for flaws;
Chrystal is not.

So why am I?
I want to be precious,
but am only semi-precious.
I shall polish myself;
And even though not as worthy,
I will outshine the diamonds.
Until I am preferred.
Or at least admired as much.

Leighah Darcy 1994/95