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Fat or Thin Does It Matter

5th January 2015

I began to question how much it really matters about weight, regardless of the ballet issue. 'Fat or Thin: Does it Matter?' came from my musings about this and about how I wanted my body to be and some of the paradoxes.

Fat or Thin Does It Matter? ......

Fat or thin -
Does it matter?
Of course it must.
Which do I want?

I don't despise fat and thin people,
so why do I despise myself?

I want to be perfect.
Yet human;
yet superhuman;
Yet not.

Yet when my figure I described as 'perfect', I get annoyed
and worried
and upset.

“The perfect figure' -
That means not thin doesn't it? But I don't want to be thin.
Or actually do I?

'Slim' - does slim mean perfect? Slim is not thin,
therefore I must be fat.
Yet I know I am not.
'Perfect' or 'Ideal',
any more would be 'excess',
Yet what is wrong with fat?
I don't despise people who are fat,
I don't despise people who are thin,
yet why do I despise my own body?

Leighah Darcy 1994/5

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