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Feedback on working with SEED

10th April 2014

"It has helped me to see that I do not need to fix everything and that it is ok to say and do the wrong thing."

"It was good to meet people going through the same or similar problems, Also you feel you are not alone."

"Very helpful to give us tools to cope. Thanks Marg."

"Thank you for the informative but clear delivery for a very difficult subject. Very personable, friendly and encouraging."

"Helpful and open. Also a good group atmosphere which was supported by both course leaders."

"Thank you for a better understanding. Good to meet others in similar situation."

"Very informative thank you x"

"Thank you for a valuable informative evening I feel much more empowered."

"Really enjoyable thank you."

"Very Good Presentation"

"Very helpful and given hope for our situation and know there is someone to listen, Many Thanks"

"Made me realise that how the person feels is the core of the problem. Thank you for the useful information given which will be a very useful in my line of work and family life"

"Very informative, Thank you"

"Very Informative and in depth insight"

"Thank you will be able to take information back to my team, explain about SEED and how to signpost sufferers of eating disorders. Very well presented many thanks"

"Very good presentation with resources I can now look at and share and will be confident to refer potential sufferers accordingly. Thanks"

"Thorough presentation very useful for me as I work with young people 14+ and in college."

"Fabulous, passionate informative and very useful. Thank you for all you do! Please don't stop"

"Excellent presentation, excellent service. This session has been very useful. Thank you "

"Very worthwhile, Thank you "

"Thank you so much, so inspiring and passionate presentation thank you!"

"Thank you very much. I found this very useful. I am a child protection social worker so can use this at work and if needed now know where to sign post thank you "

"Very informative!"

"Thank you!"

"Worthwhile session, learnt a lot. Was hoping for a little more on management of illness!"

"Really enjoyed the presentation and talk. Thank you, I have more understanding and knowledge to signpost into the wider community!"

"Very well presented. Well done Marg"

"Very Calm and Supportive Atmosphere"

"Really useful. Glad we came even thought we had to travel- Well Done"

"Wish there was someone like you in my area!"

"This was really helpful and I feel more confident in helping my daughter"


"Very Positive"

"As usual, everything went well. Thank for the lovely sandwiches - Excellent as Always"

"Excellent Course"