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Finding Your Voice

18th February 2014

Wake up, time is a wasting you're idle when asleep
Yet my mind is always active as into my dreams you creep

You are my drill instructor, I follow your commands
I'll push it to the limit to meet your tough demands

You hijack all my senses, that wonderful sense of taste
It scares me to indulge it so my hunger goes to waste

You like me in the kitchen breathing in the smell
I can inhale the aromas but eat and I go to hell

I stand before the mirror, your comments are unkind
It seems that I can't see myself, to my reflection I am blind

You don't like me to be touched, protect those jutting bones
You want me to be true to you and suffer all alone

Your voice is all I hear, I follow what you say
Your words to me depend though just on what I weigh

The more that I adhere to you, the more menacing your tone
I know you won't be happy until I am skin and bone

To challenge you is difficult, to dare to ask you why?
Well the truth of this is simple I do not want to die

Saying goodbye to you won't be easy after all these years
But escape from this life I know I must. I can no longer live in fear.

So now I find my voice again, I'm starting to fight back
To try to fill my life once more with all the things it lacks.

I know that when I break the code to honour and obey
You will try to break me down, throw obstacles in my way

Hurdles I must overcome if I am to be free
And undertake the arduous task of truly finding me

Written by ‘Alice Park’ (Sept 2014)
Shared by SEED