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Gemma Oaten - TEDx Talk

2nd September 2019

Actress Gemma Oaten’s poignant TEDx talk explores some of her own life experiences, and how she drew on ‘the dirt’ as an actress. Titled “The Girl in the mirror, the Woman on the Screen and the Reality of Eating Disorders”, Gemma shares the story of her own battle with anorexia and the advice of her therapist at drama school on trolling: “Words do hurt. They stick and they hurt. But we can use them to grow”.

Gemma describes her challenge playing Rachel in Emmerdale as her character went through a breakdown prior to leaving the show, which stretched her both professionally and emotionally.

Gemma also talks about SEED, the charity that her parents set up to help those affected by eating disorders.

Gemma’s talk concludes with the positive statement: We are all here for a greater purpose. And we are all meant to be here.

Gemma Oaten