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Gemma - A poem by Christine

24th September 2020

She was a little girl growing up with love and care.

But an eating disorder got into her life and for years it was there.

Her family and herself fought the battle all alone.

There wasn’t much help out there not even on the phone.

They all pulled together and the battle they won.

It wasn’t an easy journey and definitely not fun.

She has flourished in life a good career she's made.

But she hasn’t left sufferers behind many lives she has saved.

She’s given talks, made videos you see.

She been on the eating disorder journey just like you and me.

So when she tells her story she’s saying it out loud.

Revealing her past talking to others she should be proud.

She’s making it easier to put eating disorder out there.

By doing this one thing she’s helping people in despair.

It’s not an easy battle but we have to win.

But by putting eating disorder out there healing can begin.

You have been brave and told your past.

And you have made others feel free to talk about eating disorders at last.

Christine x