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Blog July 2018

18th July 2018

It’s Okay not to Okay and ask for help.

I’ve suffered, I’ve been too scared, I suppressed my emotions too long to block everything out. But I couldn’t hide from that very thing that has taken control of my life.

When my Eating Disorder had got out of control, I was really snappy and defensive and I didn’t care about anything , it was me and my Eating Disorder and I was thinking that I didn’t have a problem and I tried to make it unnoticeable that I had lost a lot of weight by wearing baggy clothes.

I couldn’t cope anymore, I felt I was on my own, so I went to SEED talked to Maria and I just burst out crying because I finally talked to someone. So I started going to the Self Help groups and The Road Less Travelled Therapy Group and met people that were going through the same stuff as me.

I’ve relapsed an still have Eating Disorder thoughts, but now I want to get better and be healthy. Recovery is hard and I have been in tears because of it and I am going to fight past my ED and my anxiety.

My recovery feels like a lifetime, but I’m gonna keep fighting and the ED wont beat me!

I just think of how far I have come and I’ve accepted that recovery takes time and I’ve got people I trust to talk to and I am determined.