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Blog February 2021

4th February 2021

It was a really difficult month in December, with Christmas, my eating disorder journey, and my Mum not being here; I felt like I was going to get out of control, either with restricting or purging, because it was the second Christmas without my Mum, who died in November 2019.

As Christmas Day came, I was feeling really ow and nervous, because of the Christmas dinner, and all the negative and horrible ED voices were really tense. So, I ate what I call my ‘safe foods’. As I passed by the negative and horrible ED voices, I felt a bit better.

Later, I did some self-care, but I had a little blip, but didn’t beat myself up about it. I just say to myself that recovery takes time, and I always pick myself back up, and read out my positive affirmations, and write my feelings in the SEED Facebook group.

I am determined to fully beat this ED!