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Katy’s recovery blog October 2017

25th October 2017

My recovery has been really tough these past few weeks, but I’m really determined to fully recover, and I’m not going to give up on recovery. I’m also starting to open up to people that I can trust, and know that they won’t judge me. I am still going to the therapy group at Seed (The Road Less Travelled) and the dance therapy and body confidence sessions, am drawing to express myself, walking the dog to clear my head, and doing these blogs.

I am telling myself that I can get through recovery, and I am not going to be ill all the time, and that my recovery may get worse sometimes before it gets better, and I always tell myself that I’ve come so far.

I am really determined to get better for my health, and I want to be a role model for my niece, and I really want to help other people going through the same thing.