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Katy's second blog

30th May 2017

I have been in recovery for 2 years now. At first, it was really hard and I thought I couldn’t do this, but now I’m recovering slowly. I’ve stopped weighing myself now, not taken diet pills for a year. It was really hard to stop at first. I still have blips, but I’m starting to tell myself that I’m not going to be like it for life, and that it’s part of the recovery process.

I have now started to open up more to friends and family I can trust. When I get negative thoughts I just do drawing, or take my dog out for a walk as a distraction, and the drawing is therapeutic, and if I feel that I can’t talk to my friends, I can talk to Leighah or Maria at Seed, so I don’t feel like I am on my own. Even though there are certain foods that I am still not comfortable with, and having blips, I’m never going to give up on recovery.

Katy xx