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My SEED Journey - Poem

31st July 2020

My SEED Journey

She’d found a friend in an eating disorder.

She used it for comfort and then to punish her.

She’d over eat to limits of shame.

Then vomit it back as she was to blame.

This went on for years her secret you see.

She hid it from her friends and her family.

She lost most of her teeth from all of this harm.

Her body was aching with the guilt and the shame.

Would she be free ever again.

She thought she was alone and no one could help.

She tried to find a way to help herself.

She then found a place that she thought could help.

After all time was running out she had nothing to lose.

The place is called SEED an organisation you see.

They help lots of people like me.I gave it a go,my secret I shared.

They were so kind and understanding,I needn’t have been scared.

This was the first step I had to take.

I had to start the journey for my own sake.

They had the knowledge to help me through.

By going to the group’s I could finally see.

That they could help a person like me.

I’m still on my journey but I’m getting there.

Seeds help and understanding are beyond compare.

If they can help me they could help you too.

Give them a call you owe it to you.