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Body Shaming by Emmie

19th March 2018

Have you ever been judged on your appearance? I know I have. It is shocking to me that over 90% of people in the world have experience something offensive about their body either online or in person. To me this is vile to hear, no one should feel ashamed of how they look, no one should feel they have to change for other people and no one should feel like they aren’t beautiful inside and out.

In addition, body shaming has led to men and women being portrayed in a certain way. For men they are meant to be muscular and manly which has made 43% of men to be dissatisfied with their bodies. However for women they are “portrayed” to be super skinny size 6 models- the reality is not everyone can be and it is important to love yourself and be proud of who you are. Also may I add that 89% of girls have dieted by the age of 17 to be that super skinny model.

Consequently, in younger years this is resulting in online bullying. Teenagers are targeting the less confident about their bodies; this is sickening! But the shameful part is it has an effect of letting teenagers become bulimic, anorexic and obese, and in worse cases suicide. An eating disorder has the highest mortality rate of any other mental health illness with a staggering 20% of people dying each years as a direct result of their illness or through suicide.

In my experience I have grown up to learn that my body is perfect no matter the shape or size, this is because my family had to watch my beloved auntie go through traumatic experience such as bulimia and anorexia. My auntie was bullied at school which made her feel very low about her body. As time grew on she became seriously ill and eventually it became life threatening. Then she began to learn she was perfect no matter what others thought. Therefore my grandma and grandad put together a charity called S.E.E.D, this is there to help people like my auntie feel confident and give them the support they need. Because no one should feel like they can’t reach out before more damage is done.

It’s not just teenagers that face body shaming. For instance Leonardo DiCaprio was body shamed for putting on weight during his vacation. In particular of how “bloated” he looked.

Another example is Ashley Graham, who is one of the first plus size models. Growing up she always wanted to be a model and by the age of 15 she was discovered by a modelling agent. However after this – one of her lowest points of her life was when her own father told her to lose a drastic amount of weight in order to be a model. How would you feel if your own father said that to you? Instead of listening to her father she still tried to be a model (no matter what size she was). Eventually when she did make it into the modelling industry she received a lot of backlash. Yet it didn’t stop her. In a recent interview Ashley said “Whatever someone else thinks is wrong about you- whether it’s your opinion or your body- is actually your superpower,”

I think it is important to keep that in mind because together as a city, country and world we can stop body shaming. And remember our body is our superpower!

Emmie McGowan
March 2018

Seed xx