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5th January 2015

'Sinking' tells of how I would sink into feeling more low when I examined my body and body size in my desire for the 'perfect ballet body', to a point where I feared my dream of being a ballet dancer fading away in the light of how I saw my body in relation to how the 'ballet body'. The dream seemed to be fading, but I tried to create some hope.


I hate the very thought of fat, but only on myself.
On others, weight can suit them, be part of them,
and I love them.
But I hate it on myself. This causes me to
Sink low;
I was already down,
but now I sink lower down.

The trap of
drawing me deeper.
Until all I survive on is hope. Even my dream fade away.

I feel so

And trapped.
Liked a caged animal;
knowing that when free,
I can run;
I can
run free;
roam free and be with the others.

Yet as it is,
the bars hold me in;
Limiting my space and movement.

Some pass by:
'How beautiful!' they exclaim.
Others reckon I am better off held in,
yet they complain at my raging
behind the bars.

Lioness behind bars; yet I don't bite.
I'm simply trapped and alone.

Lioness behind bars;
yet I don't bite.
I'm simply trapped
and alone.

Longing to be free.

Leighah Darcy 1993/4

Seed xx

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