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Spilling Over

5th January 2015

This opening poem is by a client of mine, who has given me permission to use her name and identity along with the poem. She wrote the poem during a workshop of Creativity that I was facilitating at SEED. I was moved by her poem and amazed at her talent. 'Spilling Over' speaks of feeling 'too much and not enough', which can be translated in many ways of being. Thank you to Sabah for allowing me to share this poem.

Spilling Over

Vacant eyes and wandering minds
causes skipped heart beats. Trailing voices Trial to silence and
A nothingness that Scream in quiet whispers Of spilling over.
Spilling over designated lines Hitting a maximum word count Time up, shush, quieten down Your lines, your lines
Become too long and You spill over
Spill over

Live like this
Hold self tight
Must sit within
This cage of lines Yet nothing you do is ever quite enough Vacant eyes
Will not leave you alone

You, my dear,
Are a paradox
Of lines uncrossed

Yet spilling over
Fear grips you
A reality sinks
Too much yet not enough Whatever you do
It will spill over

Sabah Yasin
October 2014