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The World as One By Samantha Crilly

11th September 2018

Racism is something I’ve never understood
And I never got how some people could
Someone somewhere had this idea that the world should be divided
That the hands of power should be one sided
And how barbaric it was that everyone abided,
And even now we are still listening to something someone else decided
We don’t know who spoke these words of hatred
Who this person who is to blame for this division created
So isn’t it time to stop following them like sheep?
And make judgment ourselves, not someone else’s who is asleep
Why have we listened to this ignorance for so long?
We have passed down a judgement that couldn’t be more wrong
Since when has it been ok to use someone’s race?
To tell a person that where they belong is out of place
The last time I checked we were all put on this earth together
All with the same lives to endeavour
The only difference is the pigment in our skin
But when it comes down to it we are all the same within
So never judge someone on how they look,
Judge them on how their writing their book
How they script each page of their story,
Through their downs and in all their glory
We are all of different colour, from different parts of this world
But isn’t that a blessing to be held?
To have the privilege to learn about culture and embrace
Everything we have been blessed with as a human race?
Because this whole world was made to share
And it has nothing to do with the colours we wear

Seed xx