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True Hero by Samantha Crilly

11th September 2018

In a world which is fake
In a world which could break
Two children
Two different lives
Two ways to hold their pride
One, had a dream to live in riches and fame
The other, to save the country and risk his pain.
One went and modelled for glamour
The other put on his armour
He was watched on the big screen
The other, was never seen
He would be seen in nothing but fashion
The other fought with strength and passion
Fame is how we see heroes as a nation
But this is only the Medias interpretation.
He got a contract with rimmel
The other saved a girl
He got his buzz from riches and fame
The other was full-filled by helping a life remain.
He was soon the face of the makeup mac
The other, lost his life in Iraq
We didn’t even know he existed
This shows our perception of a true hero is twisted
All of these words comprehend and define
Just into these two simple lines
He is the one we all know,
But who’s the true hero?

Seed xx