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Walking on Eggshells

1st February 2021

Walking on eggshells, what does that mean.
You're living with a part of me no one else has ever seen.
The eating disorder has come to take over me.
The bingeing the vomiting only I ever see.
What can you do to help you ask.
Do you say something to me, what questions do you ask.
The wrong words the right words, come out of your mouth.
Trying to keep calm but wanting to shout.
Will the words you say make it better or worse.
There’s no right or wrong with this eating disorder curse.
So you walk on eggshells doing your best.
Trying to say and do the right thing, it’s a bit of a test.
You're too fat or too thin are words that accidentally come out.
But it’s not these words that eating disorders are about.
It’s a control thing, comfort self harm all rolled into one.
So we’re all walking on eggshells before too long.
Understanding, caring, empathy, help is a way out.
Talking to others who have been there is what it’s all about.
We can take comfort in others who have been in this place.
Then when we walk on eggshells we can do it with grace.

Christine xx