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We Must Change This

12th October 2020

“Only you are in charge of what goes in your mouth“ the doctor said. I should have replied “only you are in charge of what comes out of yours“.

Think twice before you say things that might hurt others.

My knees are in pain, probably from all the years of working on my feet 40 hours a week.

Lifting weights of up to 10 kg up a 15 foot metal ladder.

When I could i would go swimming 3 times a week,64 lengths a time that’s a mile to you and me.

But when I saw you, you could only see, morbidly obese, BMI 42.

You said exercise more, lose weight I couldn’t believe my ears.

I’ve worked most of my life in physical jobs, probably why my knees are like they are.

I felt your words like an arrow in my heart, I felt you thought I was lazy.

After that consultation I wanted to end it all.

But I had just started SEEDS TRLT group and said how I was feeling.

And their help and understanding is the reason I am still here today.

Looking back I see how tragic that would have been for me and my family.

Those few words and many more I have said to me regarding my weight, to someone with an eating disorder can have tragic consequences.

We must change people’s misunderstandings and ignorance around eating disorder.

Just to save my life and so many more.

Christine x