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Zoe Burnett, Healthy Weight, Unhealthy Mind - TEDx Talk

11th November 2019

After struggling with atypical anorexia for 14 years, I finally got help. However my GP told me I was not slim enough for an ED and to drink a full fat can of coke a day to stop me from collapsing.

You do not have to be underweight to have an eating disorder. Discovering set point theory and embracing my good qualities instead of being consumed by numbers has actually aided my recovery, we are not numbers, I refuse to be judged on who I am based on the number on the scales, real beauty is how we treat others. I smashed my scales, and started to count memories instead of calories, and after a 14 year battle with atypical anorexia, I am finally living my life, and passionate about helping others.

Zoe Burnett