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Gemma Oaten - TEDx Talk

2nd September 2019

Actress Gemma Oaten’s poignant TEDx talk explores some of her own life experiences, and how she drew on ‘the dirt’ as an actress. Titled “The Girl in the mirror, the Woman on the Screen and the Reality of Eating Disorders”, Gemma shares the story of her...
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Gemma Oaten

I Wrote An ED Book and It's Helping Me To Recover

16th August 2019

14/07/19. It was a standard morning: I woke up at 8AM, having paced in the living room till 2AM; I boiled the kettle and made a coffee (black with two sweeteners or bust!), and I practiced some ashtanga vinyasa yoga to little success. Think new-born giraf...
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Sarah Morrish

Recognising signs of depression in College and University Students and what to do about it

22nd July 2019

From primary school to college or university, each new start for a child may be just as emotional for a parent.

Further education is an exciting time where young adults step out for themselves and start the journey which comes with all the responsibil...
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Chloe Bennet

Marg Oaten's Blog

15th July 2019

Congratulations to all those people involved in the Victoria Derbyshire Show covering Eating Disorders on Monday 7th July 2019.

Firstly my heartfelt sympathy to the amazing Sue whose daughter lost her life to this devastating illness. There for the gr...
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Marg Oaten

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Arnie will be taking part in the London Marathon to help raise money for SEED

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