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Rachel's Half Marathon for Seed

Rachel Witty ran the Hull Half Marathon to fundraise for Seed. Rachel's testament to Seed is touching and heart warming.

So this has finally happened...
I have signed up and will be running my first half marrathon. It's time to share my journey.
My recovery has given me eternal thanks, perspective and happiness on the life I live.
An eating disorder destroys you. Depression takes over. Anxiety rules. And suicidal thoughts are dark... but recovery is real. I have the best family, my soul mate of a perfect boyfriend, my bestest friend back in my life and amazing people around me daily as well as my own home sweet home.
The hope always hung on and recovery is truly possible. For the days the mirror challenged me I will now use the strength it gave me with pride!
On top of the support around me... Seed saved me. And I am forever grateful.
Please support this amazing charity...
Thank you, you know who you are... You motivate and inspire me and this is my time to say sorry to my old self and the effect it had on my surrounding world of family, friends and experiences.
For the years lost may every second now count
See you at the finish line

You can see Rachel's story by visiting her Just Giving page.