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Julia Pittman treks the Sahara for SEED

Julia Pittman of Beaver Pest Control has bravely walked a stretch of the Sahara Desert for 3 days starting at Afra and walking all the way to the Nakhla Dunes in harsh conditions and extreme heat to raise a staggering £2,000 for SEED!

"Our sincere thanks to Julia Pittman for her courageous trek across the Sahara Desert in aid of SEED Eating Disorder Support Services and the support we offer to those suffering from this devastating illness and their carers. Words are never enough as we extend our gratitude to Julia. Fundraising is a massive part of sustainability for our Charity, we have just one paid member of staff and the money goes straight back to the members providing continued support to many, now and for years to come." - Marg.

"I am totally blown away by what Julia has done for us and how selfless she has been. Acts of kindness like this blow me away. Thank you for all you have raised, I am so grateful we met through another brilliant human being, in Steve Pinto at Wandsworth Chambers of Commerce, and that my words that day resonated. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!" - Gemma.