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Welcome our new trustee Michela

Join us in welcoming our new trustee, Michela Peters.

Michela has been married for just over 30 years and has a daughter and a son. She has also worked in administration and secretarial roles for over 35 years.

Michela also has first hand experience of how eating disorders affect sufferers and their families. As a teenager her daughter suffered with disordered eating which was identified as RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) as she proved to be a very proficient athlete and was soon selected to run for the county at cross country and then went on to run nationally. During this challenging, exasperating time Michela sought SEED’s advice and support which she found invaluable in assisting not only herself but also her family, especially her daughter by quickly providing guidance and signposting which helped set her on the road to recovery.

Michela continued to attend the monthly support group meetings over the years to offer encouragement to others and advise on her daughter’s progress throughout her recovery journey. She attained not only her GCSE’s, A Levels and after a minor set back decided to take a year before attending Hull University. To her parents delight she left with a First Class Honours Degree in History and PGCE qualification and is now teaching History and has set a date for her wedding in 2021.

Without Marg & Den’s and the Team at SEED’s unwavering support there could have been a very different story. Michela joined the Team as a Trustee in 2019 wanting to ‘give back’ and offer support to others during their times of distress when life seems very bleak and you seem stuck on a wheel of despair not knowing where to turn. She wants to continue to ensure struggling sufferers and families find the right information in a timely fashion so they too can strive to achieve a positive outcome.