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Seed Patron Gemma Oaten comments in Daily Mail FEMAIL article

Seed Patron Gemma Oaten was recently asked for comment by Daily Mail FEMAIL regarding a new website equating food intake and required exercise. Gemma commented “I am dumbfounded. Food is to be enjoyed, to be sociable, to celebrate, to nurture us with what we need to live, to breathe, to function.

This app is making it as though food is there to just 'burn off'. That is extremely damaging to not just anyone with an eating disorder but the nation as a whole. ESPECIALLY our kids. What lesson is this teaching? That food is only there for you to get rid of…that's border line eating disorder talk right there?!! Many eating disorder sufferers develop exercise addiction, this message I feel encourages this and that is scary. Exercise is vital and important…but it has to be proposed or delivered in a healthy way. I feel this isn't healthy at all”

You can read the full article on the Daily Mail FEMAIL website here.