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SEED Needs Your Help

There has never been a greater need to support those affected by eating disorders.

We know first-hand that during lockdown the pain and suffering of those with eating disorders such as Bulimia, Anorexia, emotional eating and more has increased. So far, we've seen a 29% increase in new referrals to Seed and a 25% rise in those attending support groups from 2019 to 2020. Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any other mental health illness, with 20% of those suffering dying as a direct result of this devastating mental health illness or by taking their own life.

With Covid-19 has come many a challenge for us all and as the demand for our help and support has increased, the resources we were hoping to bring in this year have decreased dramatically as Covid-19 has also massively impacted us as a small charity. Along with our amazing co-founders Marg Oaten MBE and Dennis Oaten needing to take a step back to save their own health, it has been a very worrying time for us all. With their Daughter, and our Patron, Gemma Oaten, taking the reins as our new Charity manager, we are calling upon our friends, those we help and support and also call upon anyone who has ever been affected by an eating disorder, to help us continue to survive and thrive in our next chapter. SEED is 20 years old this year, and with the loss of our fund-raising gala and more we are desperate for funding in order for us to carry on helping 1000’s of carers and sufferers who need us more than ever right now.

Here are some of the many testimonials from those we've helped here:

“I genuinely believe SEED saved her [my daughter’s] life!”

“Without SEED I know that I wouldn’t have gained the courage to fight what is an uncontrollable and baffling illness.”

“Without the support of SEED we cannot imagine how we would have been able to try & understand the complexity of our daughter’s illness”

“After being a sufferer for approximately 35yrs I feel as though I’m at last getting the help I need and have been looking for.”

“Thank you for believing in me when others didn’t”

Now, we need your support. To raise funds for sustainability and to keep making a difference. To adapt to the new world we find ourselves in and provide more support online, to push out our vital Educational Toolkit resource to be in schools, to keep being able to answer a call and to keep saving lives.

No donation is too big or too small and we would like to thank you in advance for your support. Help us Save Seed and in turn keep many from wilting…

”From a seed a flower grows, as do people who blossom in life”

To donate, simply click the 'Make a donation' button at the top of the page or visit our GoFundMe campaign page here