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How to report on the topic of eating disorders

Reporting on eating disorders is so important. It must be done with a duty of care by journalists/media platforms alike.

Over the years we’ve experienced some huge mishandlings of interviews our seedlings or manager Gemma Oaten, have done. We are grateful to see change, education & be able to contribute to this vital report for the international journalists network on the reporting of Eating Disorders, showing all the more we are seen as part of the network of leading experts and voices in our field.

We at SEED - Eating Disorder Support Services pride ourselves on making sure those we help are protected, that their stories matter and more importantly that they are dealt with, with empathy and understanding as not just eating disorders patients, but human beings. This article will go a long way, if read and heeded, to change the narrative of eating disorders as a whole.

Gemma says, “Thank you to our publicist Beth Morris as always for holding my hand through this interview too. Beth and I have worked together for many years and have felt like we have constantly had to battle for our voices to be heard as we intended them to be, and not twisted or glorified for the purposes of click bait or sensationalism.

An eating disorder is a deadly and serious mental health illness that is a living nightmare for those affected and takes the lives of too many. That is enough.

This is progress.”

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