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Eating Disorders Awareness Week

What a week it has been for us at SEED for Eating Disorders Awareness Week. We can’t thank you enough for all your support as we have been shouting loud for you all. As we all know, this isn’t just about the 1 week, it’s about the 51 in a year and all the weeks and years to come, however, it is so important we use it to raise as much awareness as possible, which in turn allows us to help you, our Seedlings more. I feel tired don’t get me wrong! But I feel so energised and hopeful too. I really have felt a shift this year…the conversation is becoming bigger and it is allowing us to braver and many feel less alone. Here are all the links you need to catch up on all we have been up to!

Sky News 1st March 2021

ITV Calendar News 2nd March 2021

Word on Health Interview 2nd March 2021 also available on our SEED YouTube channel

Voice of Islam interview 2nd March 2021 (50 minutes in)

Daily Mail online 4th March 2021

Consommé magazine Podcast 1st March 2021

Humber TV 4th March 2021

The Dangers Of TikTok’s ‘What I Eat In A Day’ Videos - UNILAD

This week we really wanted to educate and that’s why we have developed a free resource for schools (and anyone for that matter!) to be able to access some really important information on Eating Disorders and how education is key. This free resource is linked to our Eating Disorders Educational toolkit which we developed to encourage prevention, early intervention and education on Eating Disorders, Body Image and Wellbeing. You can see more and download for yourself here.

We also launched our Survive and Thrive Podcast this week! Something I am so proud of. I urge both those struggling with an eating disorder and those caring for a loved one with an eating disorder to watch these. In fact anyone to watch! The power of sharing lived experiences is so strong and makes an impact to many. We kick off with our amazing ambassador Rachael Downie and here is part 1 of 2 from her brave and inspiring interview

Make sure you subscribe to our SEED YouTube channel so you get notifications of the new podcasts coming up (we have some AMAZING guests coming up, trust me) and all our vital content here as well as follow our socials @seedsupportuk for news and updates on what’s to come. I am bursting with pride to share with you the podcasts I am filming. They actually helped and inspired me so much too. When I was poorly, being able to watch these would have helped me so much, to feel less alone and scared. To feel I could survive, and more importantly THRIVE. “Your recovery is your discovery” being one line I will treasure from the last podcast I filmed with…you’ll have to subscribe to find out!

Last but not least, we need to get following us as we also announced our new cooking show with the amazing MasterChef winner, Jane Devonshire! Jane and us at SEED have partnered to bring joy back into the kitchen and food…to remind us all, it is there to be enjoyed. I am so passionate about reconnecting us all with why food is there. It isn’t a number, it’s a taste, a necessity…it’s about falling back in love again with food. See here for a little trailer on why this is so important. We will be doing little recipes together with nutritious and affordable ingredients, that you can follow at your leisure and then once a month we will all do a live cook-a-long! That should be interesting…*winks*

So there we have it! Told you we’ve been busy! This is all because you matter, truly. We’ve got this.

Love Gem, your proud Patron and Manager xxx