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Message from Manager and Patron, Gemma

I know it has been a very sad and difficult week as we heard the news of Nikki Grahame. My friend. I know Mum is sending an email around medical supervision and support from us as a whole, but I wanted to send an email too. I have done such a lot of press this week with those closest to Nikki’s blessing and we at SEED have tried to make sure we’ve balanced our socials and my interviews with a message of hope. I am so grateful for all the feedback saying we’ve struck the right chord…honouring Nikki’s life, highlighting the need for better support and awareness, whilst making sure the conversation continues along with providing the narrative of recovery being possible. I have been inundated with messages and we at SEED have seen a huge surge in referrals this past week. I wanted to do a little video to address a few questions, but more importantly give you a tool to start the conversation.

If you're a parent, teacher, friend, partner, sibling... Anyone! And are worried about someone you love showing signs of developing an eating disorder or relapsing. Or If you're struggling yourself and want to tell a loved one you need help, show them this video PLEASE.

Also please look at our eating disorders educational toolkit resource for schools to help educate our youth and promote awareness and prevention…share with your community and school too

It's so hard to admit or approach the conversation around eating disorders, but I want to make sure you know that you have nothing to be ashamed or scared of. So please, if your voice is failing you a little...use mine to get it back.

Early intervention is key.

All links to all our social media and also YouTube channel are here. If you follow us already you may have seen that episode one of our “Falling in Love with Food (again) show is now out too. I am so proud of this. MasterChef winner Jane Devonshire and I teaming up to show you how you can have fun in the kitchen and how food is for tasting, enjoying, living…and not just numbers. I really hope you enjoy and see this as a gentle reminder that even though things may feel hard, there is a different narrative around food and fun.

Lastly, here are all the links to all the interviews I have done this last week. They are all quite short, and each one different, so do take your time to watch at your own pace. Or of course, not at all. Whatever is right for you. Just know all of these are about fighting for you.

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BBC breakfast with Mum - Nikki Grahame

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BBC radio Scotland also available here 1 hour 15 min in

Politics home - government need to address urgent eating disorders support

Nadia Sawalha confessions of a modern parent podcast

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Talk Radio – link to come

Seed YouTube channel

You matter

Love always, Gem xxx