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Accepting you have a problem and wanting to change

Once someone has established that they may have an eating disorder or a a pattern of disordered eating, they must seek support to help them towards recovery.

They must want to change - 'Motivation to Change' (see below) helps to identify what motivation to change is and how, with a lot of determination and hard work, they can regain management over their illness and look forward to a better future.

Assessments may be a very scary thing for some people, but don't worry 'Points to Consider for Your Assessment' (see below) may help you to focus and prepare for that.

To identify the people/organisations you think are best suited to your needs check out 'Patient Log' (see below) and start to keep a record of who, what, where and when.

  • It is vital you know who you are seeing, what is their role?
  • What date did you see them, was your appointment cancelled and why?
  • What are they working towards? What are your aims and goals?
  • What was the outcome of your session?
  • Were there any issues you feel may have been overlooked?

WRITE IT DOWN! - it is simple, will take just a few minutes but may save you hours if you need to recall some of the information regarding your treatment at a later date.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket thinking this 'one' thing will make you better keep options open as you seek support.

Link in with other charity specific for eating disorders.

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