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Emotional Signs of an Eating Disorder

  • Change in behaviours and an overall sadness
  • Depression may set in very quickly due to low nutrition. It may be necessary to seek medical support for the depression
  • Anti social and withdrawing from normal activities , family and friends
  • Uncharacteristic outbursts and mood swings and irrational thought patterns
  • Obsessional around food and food issues
  • The inability to concentrate
  • Pre-occupation with recipes and an over whelming desire to cook and bake for others
  • Control as to where the food is eaten, at what time, and where the food is prepared
  • Scrutinising food packets for fat content, calories and carbohydrate values
  • High Anxiety levels around meals times
  • Food rituals, such as food not touching on the plate, numbers e.g. (equated to the number of carrots, potatoes or other vegetables)
  • Body checking and excessive weighing