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Getting Help and Support

The GP plays a vital role in a person's well being - but remember they are there to make sure you are medically safe - NOT to support you emotionally.

Always check in to the GP regularly and make them part of your support network. Once physical wellbeing is being monitored, check out what is available in your area for mental health support, which can include Self help and Support Groups. Consider if you need GP to refer you, or can you refer yourself? We recommend you look at the support bubble chart (see attached download below). Are there any specific voluntary organisations that will be able to support you?

Are you facing a long waiting list? Don't despair, there are organisations that can offer services until your referral is in place and your waiting is over.

Please don't think you need all of the recommendations shown in the support bubble chart. As you start to develop a suitable network of support, you may find that you need more than one.

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