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Holiday Buddy Service

If you find you are struggling because your carers are having a break or away on holiday you can always signup for a Holiday Buddy who will be available for the duration of their break. Checking in with you—by text, phone or e mail. You are never alone help is always there.

How does it work?

You apply for a Buddy through SEED either via e-mail or telephone.

You are asked the holiday duration and are matched to a Buddy, who you keep for the duration of the holiday cover. The Buddy is there for when you feel isolated or have a problem. The contact can be entirely up to the sufferer and the Buddy.

Sometimes just "Hi, are you ok?" is enough to know someone cares. You don't need to feel isolated. Carers feel more relaxed knowing someone is there for support with the eating disorder.

You are in control - YOU make the contact! If you feel OUT of Control there is someone on hand. The service is flexible and you don't have to ring everyday. Just when you feel you need someone.

Questions & Answers

  • Who is the Holiday Buddy? Either a Volunteer with SEED or a Carer.
  • Do I have to share my history with my Buddy? Absolutely not, the thought of having to go into everything can be daunting.
  • Is this service confidential? One hundred percent!
  • Will you need to speak with my GP? Not at all!
  • How does this service differ from the helpline? This service allows access to telephone, e mail or texting for the duration of the holiday period and is very flexible.
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