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Libido and Eating Disorders

Males with an eating disorder may not move forward into manhood in just the same way as a female may not move forward into womanhood.

It is often one of the reasons people develop the eating disorder in the first place.

“What does it mean to move forward into adulthood, is that a scary place to be?”

“What are other peoples expectations?”

“Will I be expected to achieve at all costs?”

“I don't like the thought of being independent - it scares me”

If someone restricts their diet and are at the stage of being very underweight the female will not produce oestrogen and have periods and a male will not produce testosterone (hormones) and be unable to move forward to being sexually active.

Hence a female may not be fertile whilst at a low weight and a male may encounter impotence (failure to have an erection).

Once weight increases and a more established eating pattern achieved, periods and libido return to being fully functional.

The reasons given above are do to chemical imbalances, but one of the side effects of anorexia and low weight is depression and this too may have an impact on a persons ability to function sexually.