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Men and Eating Disorders

Men get eating disorders too

it is a myth to say that males do not develop eating disorders. They Do!

Many males who have celebrity status have come forward to say that they have had an eating disorder in the past.

There should never be a stigma to having an eating disorder.

The eating disorder may be a part of who you are today, and as people move forward into recovery, they are able to reflect back and look at their journey and be proud that they have come through and are living the life they have wanted for themselves.

An eating disorder has the highest mortality rate of any other mental health illness and it has NO barriers when it comes to age or gender!

A male - although they may not seek help readily - has every right to a service and must not be told this is a phase they are going through.

SEED has lots of information available about issues to do with eating disorders specifically for men. These are available to download under the 'Useful Downloads' tab below. These documents pull together information that is male orientated.

It is very unlikely that the cause of developing an eating disorder maybe down to a single reason.

It is much more likely to be a combination of many factors, in fact anything that may lower a person's self esteem: bullying, family relationships, problems with friends, problems with relationships, bereavement and loss of a job, to name a few.