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Take each day at a time and make targets small and achievable thus not setting yourself up to fail.

It may help to plan your meals and structure your eating plan in advance.

Establish a pattern of regular eating which involves restricting your meals to three planned meal day, plus two or three planned snacks.

A regular eating pattern displaces binges, with the result that the frequency of binges decrease.

Leave no more than 3-4 hours between planned meals/snacks.

Do not skip meals or snacks, as skipping a scheduled meal/snack will make you vulnerable to binges

Consume pre-planned food amounts

If binges occur, resist temptation to avoid your next planned meal/snack, this will only increase problems.

Concentrate when eating, being aware of what you are doing will help ensure that meals/snacks do not turn into binges.

When cooking avoid tasting, as this a trigger to binging.

Plan food shopping, or shop with a friend/relative, and limit the amount of money you carry.