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Nutrition and Bulimia Nervosa

To help break the cycle and achieve nutritional goals change should be introduced gradually.

Meals should be based around individual food preferences initially and the individual may experience bloating which can be uncomfortable. However this is natural and as the body will adjust and the symptoms will reduce.

This is only temporary!

Start off by eating little and often.

High fibre or low sodium (salt) foods help control fluid retention and constipation. Limit gas producing and high fat foods. Begin the re-feeding process with foods that are easier to digest. A structured eating plan may be useful so you can know what you are eating in advance.

The goals of nutritional therapy for eating disorders are:-

  • Identify food fears
  • Correct food misinformation
  • Re-establish healthy eating patterns (this may take time to achieve)
  • Restore Nutritional Status
  • Maintain a Safe Weight
  • Plan Meals
  • Do Not Skip Meals