Seed | Eating Disorder Support Service

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helping people not the eating disorder

Advice Line (01482) 718130


Is recovery possible? Yes it most certainly is, but can take anything from 2 to 7 years.

Do people ever get better? - YES they do!

Realistically what would RECOVERY look like to you?

  • Gain management over their illness
  • Take steps to be socially interactive
  • Integrate with the family
  • Start to eat meals with people
  • Challenge and conquer their fears
  • Change body checking behaviours or cease weighing several times a day
  • Actively seek employment
  • Plan a meal and go shopping
  • Improve nutrition
  • Set an action plan in place
  • Set small achievable goals and feel proud when you have achieved them.

The list is as long as you wish to make it!

Well done you are taking positive steps towards living your life once again.