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helping people not the eating disorder

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Eating Disorders can never be taken for granted and there may be peaks and troughs in your recovery plan.

But remember if you have a 'wobble' that most certainly does not make an 'earthquake'! Draw the line, get back on track and don't beat yourself up!

Be proud of who you are!


    Our pathways in life will take us down many roads

    Some on the motorway - in the fast lane

    Some tootling gently on the county roads

    Some roundabouts where we go round in circles

    Some cul-de-sacs where we come to a dead end and

    Some take us no-where and we are temporarily lost

    But whatever route we take it is our 'Journey of Life'

    Learn from the journey and your wrong turns

    But most of all remember

    without those wrong turns we will never try a new route

- Marg Oaten MBE - March 2012