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Walking on Eggshells

Walking on Eggshells is a Skills Based Learning Programme pioneered by Professor Janet Treasure.

These workshops are for carers or loved ones and take place at the Hull & East Yorkshire MIND, Wellington House, 108 Beverley Road HU3 1XA00.

It is sometimes known as the Maudsley Method (The Maudsley being the hospital) where Prof Janet Treasure pioneered the approach

Walking on Eggshells gives the carers the skills and ‘tools’ to support the sufferer differently using positive communication and adopting a different approach.

Carers explore ‘their’ balance of direction, looking at how they feel their behaviours impact on the sufferer.

No one tells carers how to cope with the situation and what to say, and we often get it wrong. But, with support we can step back and look at what worked in a specific situation, what didn’t, and how could we have done something differently.

Motivation and determination is a big part of a sufferers journey. We give the carers the skills to encourage you to make choices and take responsibility in your best interest.

There may be times when sufferers need more support and times when they can step back.

Carers learn to look after themselves too by having ME time.

As parents we never stop worrying, but those emotions may need to be suppressed a little in the best interest of everyone concerned. Carers are encouraged to engage in activities again and relax more.

After each workshop carers are given lots of information and literature – read it – ask questions – be open about your concerns – but most of all be proud that loved ones are taking those steps forward to support you and NOT control you.

Walking on Eggshells runs for a full day on a Saturday (lunch provided) and we can offer up to 12 people the opportunity of attending. We run the workshop 3 times a year. We allow for 4 healthcare professionals to sit in on these sessions.

To find out when the next Walking on Eggshells support session is taking place, visit the events page.